IncrediblePBX to 3CX


I’m new in this forum, and new to FreePBX and Linux and Asterisk in manner of fact.

I got a Raspeberry Pi and got an SD card with the IncrediblePBx (FreePBX) and I’m tring to connect it to a 3CX running on My PC.

I got the calls going from the 3CX to the RPi, but not the other way around. The calls never leave the RPi. I gess the problem is the way I’m trying to do it:

The user does not have to dial any code. Just the extension number and based in the first digit the PBX will redirect the call to the appropriate trunk.

In the 3CX I have extensions as 1XX, while in the IncrediblePBX I have 2XX
When I dial 201 in the 3CX, for example, the 201 phone in the RPi rings; When I dial 101 on the RPi I got a message from the Voice Mail asking me for the password.

Can some one help me setting up the outgoing route in the FreePBX so I just dial the extension number, 1XX and get the extension I dialed to ring in the 3CX?

Thank You