Increasing "Total active calls"

thank you for the quick answer

And yes you’re right… i’m refering to the mouseover tooltip… So you think that “6” (“0/6”) is the total of all calls that the current display of the dashboard has seen since it has been up ?

I don’t think so, because i installed Asterisk +freepbx 2 days ago … and the “0/6” were on the dsahborad since the first day …

ok I stand corrected.

There is a heuristic it tries to use to determine the max variable and saves that in the session so it survives navigating away from the screen.


<?php $channels = $astinfo->get_channel_totals(); // figure out max_calls // guess at the max calls: number of users if (!isset($_SESSION["calculated_max_calls"])) { // set max calls to either MAXCALLS in amportal.conf, or the number of users in the system if (isset($amp_conf['MAXCALLS'])) { $_SESSION["calculated_max_calls"] = $amp_conf["MAXCALLS"]; } else if (function_exists('core_users_list')) { $_SESSION["calculated_max_calls"] = count(core_users_list()); } else { $_SESSION["calculated_max_calls"] = 1; } } // we currently see more calls than we guessed, increase it if ($channels['total_calls'] > $_SESSION["calculated_max_calls"]) { $_SESSION["calculated_max_calls"] = $channels['total_calls']; } $max_calls = $_SESSION["calculated_max_calls"]; [/php] So the above "translated" means, if you really care, you can set the starting value in amportal.conf by setting MAXCALLS. However, if it ever sees more current calls (while the dashboard is displaying) then what you set, it will dynamically bump the value up.

Sorry i think i did not understand, because i didn’t find MAXCALLS in amportal.conf …

I set MAXCALLS=200 in amportal.conf and nothing changed …

you will need to “start a new session”

Once $_SESSION[“calculated_max_calls”] has been set, MAXCALLS will not be looked at again in the current session as you can see from the code snippet above.

Exit your browser or bring up a different browser and you will set it is set to that.

I’m not sure this means a whole lot anyway. On external calls I see a max of 337. I have a PRI…max of 23.


Thank you …