Increase number of callers in queue before being set to VM

Running FreePBX Have queues and ring groups set up. When I am on a call and another customer calls in, They are sent to the queue and I am notified they are on hold with a pop up on the screen. If a third customer calls in, they are automatically sent to voicemail. How do I increase the number of callers allowed to remain in the queue before being sent to VM? Thanks.

How did you set up the queue?

Have you thought about setting your main number up as a queue to start? That way, you can manage how the customer controls their interaction with you.

I have multiple phone numbers. The come in through inbound routes. from there go to time conditions, from there to queue, or if it doesnt match it goes to IVR. Works exactly like I want it to. Just need to increase the number of people on hold before they get sent to vm.

Max callers in queue is set to “0” which is unlimited. But somehow the third (and above) callers are getting sent straight to VM

Actually looks like its controlled by the extension under Optional Destinations.

“Optional destination the call is routed to when the phone is busy or the call is rejected by the user. This destination is also used on an unanswered call if the phone is in use and the user chooses not to pickup the second call.”

Just changed from “Busy Voicemail if Enabled” back into the queue. Will see how this works.

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