Incorrect Voicemail Language

When we configure voicemails through the gui in english for example, they still resolve to an incorrect language. Interface settings are correct aswell. Here is the config file where language is specified twice:


Regardless of what is written to the conf files, are you not seeing the correct language set for the endpoint in Asterisk? This is what I see when changing language on the general tab for extension 6008 in the GUI:

[[email protected] asterisk]# asterisk -x " pjsip show endpoint 6008" | grep lang
 language                           : de_DE
[[email protected] asterisk]# asterisk -x " pjsip show endpoint 6008" | grep lang
 language                           : en

When we run that command:
asterisk -x " pjsip show endpoint xxxx" | grep lang
language : fr

Language shows the desired language, however, we still get the wrong language, goes to english.

Share a call trace via pastebin, perhaps we can figure out what’s going on from that:

Here is the pastebin link.


So the channel you’re working with here is PJSIP/to_metaswitch, which appears to be a PJSIP trunk set to the ‘from-internal’ context. What is the language code for that trunk, the trace indicates it’s set to English.

We have 1 server that does the routing between multiple FreePX (class 5) “metaswitch”. Therefore the PBX are connected by Trunk PJSIP with the context “From-Internal”. In the “Metaswitch” the inbound route is the good language aswell.

Inbound routes are only referenced if the trunk context is ‘from-trunk’ or ‘from-pstn’. Since you’re using `from-internal’, you can’t set the language by inbound route. You can set the language at the trunk level, and confirm it’s set with

pjsip show endpoint to_metaswitch" | grep lang

output from asterisk -x “pjsip show endpoint to_metaswitch” | grep lang
: language : en

The problem is, some extensions which are set to be in english are in french, and vice versa. Is there a

any other insights as to what could be causing the mismatch?

There is no mismatch. The channel language is set to english, and the english prompts are played. If you want alternate language prompts, you must set the channel language at some point in the call flow.

although there is no clear mismatch written, the earlier extension I used as an example still has the voicemail language defaults to english even after specifying it to be french. And this has to be on a individual basis since we have multiple hundreds of individual lines with voicemails either being french or english.

is there any other print or log we could refer to to see where the issue could lie? Since we’ve only started experience these problems as of recently.

Continuing on our search, when we do *97, it stays locally within the PBX and does not concern the channel (trunk) language.

and out of curiousity, is this a known issue?

If you think it might be a bug, you can submit a bug report.

As a way around you could maybe make a different feature code that sets the language prior to the vm call?

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