Incorrect outbound call source

We are experiencing what I see as a very odd problem with our system and I’m looking for some help understanding where the problem lies.

When I dial another extension the call record shows my extension as the source of the call and the person I dial sees my extension as the CallerID. When I call an outside number it shows our CID as the source of the call. As a consequence, we can’t track outbound calls by extension. The channel does include the extension in the SIP/xxxx-xxxxxx entry, but that doesn’t help our packaged reports.

The behavior described above is seen with the following configuration:

Extension - no caller ID specified
Outbound route - no caller ID specified
Trunk - company phone number entered for outbound caller ID

If the CID entry is removed from the trunk the source field contains the extension, but the person getting the call also gets the extension as the caller ID. No good either.

If a CID is entered for any of the three - extension, route, or trunk, the source is incorrect but the person called sees the CID.

Is this normal for a basic Asterisk + Freepbx system?

I ask because what we bought is more involved. A prepackaged system with
FOP2 2.22
Loway QueueMetrics

The vendor is telling us we have to leave all CID entries in the system blank, use only the default CID (the extension) to get what we consider the correct source entry in the records, and get our PRI provider to override with the proper CID.

This is certainly not the way my system works. I place the desired caller ID in the extension caller ID field, and that’s what the called party sees. FOP and QueMetrics don’t have anything to do with the caller ID. Could be something with your provider. Don’t think it’s a systemic FreePBX or asterisk problem. You don’t however mention what your logs are showing, ie, what caller ID is being pushed to the provider.

Finally, the extension Caller ID field is the CID that is pushed to the TELCO. It is not the one that is used for extension to extension calls. The extension to extension CID is the actual extension number or alternately the CID Num Alias.


I don’t think the caller ID is the problem. My system works as you describe. If I put a caller ID in an extension, that is what goes to outbound calls. The problem is what is recorded in the source field in the CDR.

If no CID is entered in the extension, outbound route, or trunk the source field is the extension number and the outbound CID defaults to “display name” <extension#>.

If an outbound CID is entered for the extension, or the outbound route, or the trunk the CDR shows that CID but the source field also contains the CID - NOT the extension.