Incorrect / extended ring time - default settings - functioning as designed?

I’ve got a Trixbox setup with about 40 live extensions, with another 100+ that forward to outside numbers or other smaller remote Trixboxen. I’m posting this both to help others, and hopefully to get some understanding.

Anyhow, I was getting complaints that calls were never going to voice mail. After observing the logs, I come to find that the callers were hanging up before the 60 second mark - and if they waited a little longer VM would pickup at 60 seconds. Funny thing was, my Default ringtime (set in General Tab) was set for 15 seconds. All extensions, with the exception of the receptionist, were set as “default”. The receptionist had a manual setting of 60 seconds on her extension.

So, when people would call in on a DID or from extension to extension, they would ring for 15 seconds and then go to VM as they should. When someone called in on my extension and I transfered the call to another extension, it would only ring 15 seconds. BUT, when an outside call would come in, the receptionist (with the 60 second ring timer) would transfer the call…the called extenion would ring for 60 seconds! Looking at the console would show " – Executing [[email protected]:9] Macro(“Zap/4-1”, “dial|60|trWw|350”) in new stack". Notice the “dial|60|trWw|350”. The 60 in there is calling out a 60 second ring time.

After many test calls and lots of checking out logs, I finally figured out that if the extensions are each set for 15 seconds, they would ring 15 seconds no matter where the call came from. I would gather that when set as “default”, the 60 second ring time on the receptionist extension is then utilized when that call is transferred somewhere else.

I don’t know if this is how it’s supposed to be (maybe I should RTFM) or if it’s a bug / oversight. Can someone enlighten?