Inconsistent from address for voicemail emails

We have found sometimes the email address configured in “Settings, Voicemail Admin, Settings tab, Email config tab, Server Email” is used as the from address, but other times it uses a from address of asterisk@hostname, where hostname is the hostname of the server.

Can anyone assist with why we are seeing this variance(we’d like to whitelist the sender so voicemails don’t get caught in SPAM)?

Pretty sure the email address configured in Voicemail Admin is only used to send out VMs and the other email you are seeing is for all other system emails that a FreePBX box sends out (ie. update notifications, alerts etc).

Unfortunately I’m seeing voicemails from both email addresses. I’m thinking our MTA may be changing from addresses…?

Huh, can’t say I’ve seen that before. Might look at the received email headers between emails that come from the different addresses to compare and see if you notice something glaring that would explain this.

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