Incomming Caller-id to show my zap Channel

Hey, I’ve got 3 phone lines connected to my asterisk box, the numbers are for different areas of our business, so I’ve got say… parts 555-1111, helpdesk 555-2222, and complaints 555-3333.

Now, I’ve got one operator that answers all three lines, is it possible to show on the caller ID which channel the customer called us on so it’s easier to deal with the calls?

If anyone can lend a hand it’d be greatly appreciated… also I’m gonna get them to rotary over from my telco company so if someone calls one number and it’s busy I still get it… I’ll guess that this is probably going to screw up my previous plan anyways then… is there a better way I could be doing this?


You can put info to the caller id. Say 555-1111 rings in to some ring group. Set the CID name prefix to something like Company 1: then The caller id is Company 1: Customer 333-1234

That idea seems like it would work for the most part, however, if I have the lines on a rotary, and someone calls 555-1111 and it uses the other line because 555-1111 is busy… is there any way to still tell me that they called on 555-1111?