Hi Forum
Our usual incoming trunks are directed to a ringgroup (600) so that anyone can pick up incoming calls.
We also have a single sip doorstation that calls another ringgroup (601). The second ringroup includes same extensions as first ringroup, but uses ALERT_INFO string to activate distinctive ring.
This seems to work nicely, EXCEPT when there’s incoming trunk call already ringing all those extensions at exactly same time as a human presses the call button on doorstation.
The doorstation gives busy tone, which is sub-optimal.
Any tips or clues for handling this issue a better way ?

Use a queue instead of a ring group?

You can also try setting “Skip Busy Agent” to yes in the ring group.

I thought of that, but aren’t they all busy until somebody answers? (Retorical question)


Thanks for tips.
I’ll go read up and learn about queues.