Incoming Weirdo

Hi Guys,

I have 5 extensions on my trixbox LAN. All them are able to dial out flawlessly to any destination in the world. They are setup for A to Z.

I have a provider who has provided me 5 DIDs for incoming. Each DID is pointing to a specific extension. For eg,

Exten A <- DID 1
Exten B -< DID 2 and so on …

If I call the DIDs from any external number, I am able to receive calls successfully on my extensions. However, If I try calling the DID from one my extensions so that it may ring the other extensions, the other extensions won’t ring and I get an error “404 Call not found”.

Can anyone assist me on this ? I can dial out A to Z. However, when I dial those DID numbers that should ring my internal extensions, this does not work ?

The call Flow is like,

For outgoing, This works perfectly OK
Extension -->Dial out Trunk–>A-Z Provider–>Destination Number

Here is the problem, This is sort of a loopback
Extension -->Dial out Trunk -->A-Z Provider–>Destination Number (DID)–>My extension

If your outbound routes allow it, and your carrier allows you to call out and back in, it should work. Your carrier may not allow you to call yourself. Are you connected with a PRI?

The workaround would be to create ring groups with the DID as the group number, then put the extension’s number as the sole member of the group. That will keep the call on your machine and not involve the carrier.

Hey thanks for the input !

He is just another VOIP provider.

This not exactly a call back on the same number. I call out other extensions externally by calling out the DIDs so that they may ring.

From your post above, I can assume that this is more a provider issue and has little to do with the config or other settings.