Incoming trunk >>> FreePbx >>> Remote SIP account... Please advise!


I will try to describe my problem as detailed as possible, so you can assist me easier.
I am not sure if Freepbx is even able to achieve what I have in mind…

Since my existing softswitch can’t forward calls to remote SIP account (no uses&pass authentication available, only IP which is standard SIP trunk authentication) , I hope Freepbx will be able to achieve what my softswitch can’t.
The idea is that I route all calls from my softswitch to Freepbx using normal SIP trunk.
Then from Freepbx I forward calls to remote SIP account.

Vendor which will terminate the calls, gave me the details for SIP account (username, password and IP) to which I need forward calls.

So at the end idea is:

Softswitch SIP trunk OUT (ip address of PBX) >>> Freepbx >>> Remote SIP account OUT (username, password and ip of SIP account).

Please advise,

Best regards.