Incoming Routes stopped working after Core update

I tried this in two different installations (PBX in a Flash with Asterisk, with all latest FreePBX updates) with the same results… Before the latest Core update i could see and edit my incoming routes… After the update i cannot edit or add any incoming route from FreePBX web interface… The webpage after i click on of my preexisting routes is like that…

* Add Incoming Route
* All DIDs (toggle sort)
* User DIDs
* General DIDs
* Unused DIDs
* All Incoming
  any DID / any CID
* Mobile Calls
  69********** / any CID

It shows anly this info and nothing else… And this was the production machine… I have a test machine also in another office, in which the incoming routes worked OK and after the update stopped working either… Restart of machine didn’t solve the problem… And i cannot add anything new…

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance…

A quick fix is this:
Edit your /var/www/html/admin/modules/core/
Goto line 2476 and add after that line:

global db;

You need to do the same a couple of lines down.

Now your code should look like this:

function core_did_get($extension="",$cidnum=""){
        global $db;
        $cidnum = $db->escapeSimple($cidnum);
        $sql = "SELECT * FROM incoming WHERE cidnum = \"$cidnum\" AND extension = \"$extension\"";
        return sql($sql,"getRow",DB_FETCHMODE_ASSOC);

function core_did_del($extension,$cidnum){
        global $db;
        $cidnum = $db->escapeSimple($cidnum);
        $sql="DELETE FROM incoming WHERE cidnum = \"$cidnum\" AND extension = \"$extension\"";

I will try to get an updated version out ASAP.

That fix seems to work OK in my test machine…

Thanks a lot for your fast reply and help…