Incoming Route via Zaptel Channel


I’ve just installed FreePBX 2.1.1 as part of the TrixBox 1.0 iso. I have been using self cooked Asterisk previously and haven’t had the luxury of FreePBX, I won’t be going back ; )

I have a TDM400P with 2 FXS and 2 FXO cards all installed and working correctly. I want to use Inbound routing via Zaptel Channel and have seen the note about changing the context in zapata.conf.

I’m confident to make these changes but just need clarification of which exact files to change. I’ve tried changing just zapata.conf and after a reboot my analogue handsets rang immediatley I picked them up.

I’ve googled for an answer but a concise description of the changes seems lacking or possibly I’m even more stooooopid than I first thought ; )

Any help or useful links very much appreciated.



edit this file zapata-auto.conf

Thanks that’s sorted it, I’ll get all these extra files straight in my head soon.

Thanks again,