Incoming Route, Strange behavior - Fails after restart

Hi All,
Ive been having some strange behavior since upgrading to 15
Everything works perfectly fine after setup until a reboot has occurred then I get this error in the logs.
chan_sip.c: Call from ‘09******’ (SIP Provider IP:5060) to extension ‘09******’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘default’
Both the 09 numbers are the same which is my voip username with my provider.

I can get it working again by deleting and recreating the incoming call route, but it breaks again if I need to do a reboot.

Any Suggestions? Am I missing something?

FreePBX does not provide a 'default ’ context, what is 09*****? And how have you defined the inbound routeing for it?

Thanks dicko
For testing purposes ive removed any did or cid and set it to any.
It currently points to an extension and nothing else defined.
The 09 number is my voip number from my sip provider.

Then your next step is to identify why you are sending that DID to [default] it would better be go to [from-pstn]

It is currently set to from-trunk on the trunk incoming settings.
Is this incorrect?

That is effectively the same context. Were I to venture a guess, then perhaps you adjusted a file in /etc/asterisk without heeding the top few line.

Thanks dicko, I will take a look around.
I just dont know where its getting default from, I do have default context for outgoing but definitely not for incoming.
I will post back if I find anything

Alright so this is a bit of a weird one.
I removed context=default from the outgoing trunk settings. This fixed the incoming issue.
Now if I reboot everything still works.

The context line in trunk definitions has zero bearing on outbound calls, it’s only used on inbound. The ‘inbound’ and ‘outbound’ labels on the chan_sip pages are just arbitrary labels, if you define the outbound peer details such that it matches inbound calls, then it will be used for inbound. Many (if not most) providers work just fine with only the outbound peer details defined.

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