Incoming Route DID Problem


i have a Problem with my Did numbers. I have a Block of 200 German Numbers. I configured my incoming routes and defined for example the DID: 12345678 without local and country code.
Somebody tries to call me it works. But from some Providers this doesnt work(The number you have dialed is not in Service). I think i know the problem. I have to configure for each Number incoming routes with all formats. Like 00493012345678 and 03012345678. Is it possible to do this in one Incoming Route with DiD Pattern? I

German(Country): 0049 Countrycode
Berlin(City): 030 statecode

Thanks for Help

route your incoming calls to

exten => s,1,Goto(from-pstn,{EXTEN:-8},1)

and the incoming Route DId will be without any country code? What should be theire?

It is good practice to keep the inbound routes as short as necessary to uniquely identfy them all, you could of course use

exten => s,1,Goto(from-pstn,030{EXTEN:-8},1)
exten => s,1,Goto(from-pstn,))0049030{EXTEN:-8},1)
exten => s,1,Goto(from-pstn,+49030{EXTEN:-8},1)

and unnecessarily rewrite your currently working end-points.