Incoming Queue call disrupts outbound calls in progress

I have queues set up for our dialer. We are using two line phones and the queue is typically routed to only one line. All of my agents are complaining that inbound queue calls disrupt an outbound call that is being made, with a fast busy signal that doesn’t stop until someone picks up the queue call. When the queue call is picked up, the fast busy goes away and the outbound call then continues as normal. Seems like maybe a call-waiting type of issue but only a few people have call waiting turned on.

Any ideas as to what might cause this and how I can fix it? Thanks!


If I understand correctly, you only have two lines to use. It doesnt matter if the call coming in has been answered or not, it still takes up a line while it is ringing. So if you have any combination of 2 calls in or outbound, ringing or connected, you wont be able to call out.

Do you have analog lines? I would recommend upgrading to a SIP trunk, then you can add extra lines for cheap. Better voice quality too with a good provider

Hi Reilly,

Thanks for the response. Let me clarify a couple of things. What I meant was that they are two line phones. They are Polycom 335’s, to be exact. We have a SIP trunk through flowroute.

Oh I get it now.

Do you have an extra line button available on the phones? You could add another line to the phones

There are only two, but I really don’t see why incoming calls would affect an outbound call. If the line is in use, an incoming call from the Queue should just be ignored by that phone if call waiting is disabled. One would think, anyway.

The problems is that the line is not in use until the number is finished dialing and the digits are sent to freepbx

The dialtone you hear when you pickup the line is generated by the phone, digits entered are matched against the phone dialplan, and then the call begins when the digits match a pattern (in phones dialplan) and are then sent to freepbx

Once the call is sent to freepbx, then the call waiting settings will stop a second call from being sent to that line

Not sure of a solution, will have to see if someone else posts

From what I am being told (I was not in today so I didn’t hear it for myself), the incoming queue call disrupts an outbound call with a fast busy signal. This is even after an outbound call is placed and the line is ringing.

Check your Queue settings

Set skip busy agents to Yes

Yep, that is set to yes.

In the Extension Options

Is Queue State Detection set to Use State?

Yes that is too.

FreePBX settings are set to only send 1 call at a time…

Can you post the phone config for us?