Incoming line problem FreePBX

Hello everyone, I’m setting up my Asterix switchboard with Freepbx 2.8. The input channels are driving me crazy. I set up the internal phone; when there’s an out call it’s all ok, instead input call doesn’t ring and the line drops down. If I also set up the voice mail the switchboard works properly and I can leave a message. Is there anyone kind enough to help me? Thanks to everyone

You’re 5 versions out of date. Get a new ISO and start over on a supported system:

I prefer to use this version for a particular configuration

If you explain your reasoning, you might get some support from the folks that are here. Many of us have used 2.8 and may have some insight, but the “pros” are going to be reticent to help. If it’s just a preference, you are likely to get answers that start with “Upgrade to a version from this decade and do the following:”

There are many compelling arguments for upgrading to a version of the software that isn’t 10 years old. Not the least of them is the newer software has fixed many bugs that you are likely to run into.

Thanks take your advice