Incoming Google Voice Calls

Hello Everyone! I’m new to this program I saw a how to in one of my PC magazines and I figure I would give it a try. I used this to program my freepbx and my linksys SPA3102. I can make out going calls just fine, but when I try incoming calls it goes to the voice mail right away. A few thing I did not understand was the did number (i used my google voice number) and the destination on the inbound route. I used the destination the howto told me to create and I also used 701 but it does not work. Both line one and pstn is registered on my linksys spa 3102 but my incoming calls go to voicemail. It say the person at ext 701 is not available. The dial 2 on my pstn side of the linksys spa 3102 is set for my google phone number as well. Anyone have any input on this?