Incoming faxes in FreePBX 13

Hey guys,

Just upgraded to FreePBX

Now I’m getting this message:

Inbound faxes now use User Manager users. Therefore you will need to re-assign all of your destinations that used 'Fax Recipients' to point to User Manager users. You may see broken destinations until this is resolved

I’ve tried looking it up and I ended up on old forum posts which seemed rather confused and suggested bug reports.

I can’t quite find any info on this.

I’ve tried playing around in User Manager, and I don’t understand what’s up with all that.

In the end, my fax reception appears to still be working, like the old way…

Inbound rouge => Fax detection is on
And i configured an extension with an email address as fax recipient
I get the faxes so I’m good

But this message still worries me… so is there something I should do ?

Thanks !