Incoming Faxes are no longer being emailed Fax Pro

I have Fax Pro setup on FreePBX 12. Incoming faxes are no longer being emailed to the user. I have double checked the settings and re-applied them. It looks like something changed where it isn’t grabbing the destination email address.

Feb 17 13:57:01 phones postfix/sendmail[9763]: fatal: Recipient addresses must be specified on the command line or via the -t option

FreePBX relays through my mail server, voicemails are still working, just not incoming faxes. Any ideas?

Try rolling back to a previous release and see if it works. if so then its a bug and needs to be properly filed.

(Incoming fax to email is an Open Source (non-commercial) feature by the way)

That fixed the issue, I will file a bug report. Thank you Andrew!