Incoming Fax to Extension

On an old PIAF FreePBX 11 box I used to be able to set an extension for fax and input an email address and then in my list of destinations for the fax detect in the inbound route you would see fax recipient.

I see in the wiki where it says this was moved to User Manager for 13 but I am trying to do this in the FreePBX Distro 12. In the user manager I can add “Fax Number” but I think this is only a directory piece of information. Where can I enable individual fax to extension email addresses in FreePBX 12?

In 12 this is still done as it was in 2.11.

Oh look at that, I’m just blind. I forgot that you get a lot more options after creating the extension the first time.
Thank you for excusing my brain fart.

Yes. This is something we resolved in 13. You see all the options from the start.