Incoming fax support

i have install asterisk 1.4.22 and freepbx 2.5.1 in a debian 4.0 server.
Everything is working fine but i want also to have incoming fax support.
It is supported this by default?
Or what other software i can use for this?
Who is the most simple solution to receive fax in my email as pdf or as image?

Faxing is flaky. you need a good SIP trunk or a PSTN line.

The simple and best way is to use a third party fax solution )lot less headaches. vFax is 3.00 a month a .03 cent a min and gives so much more
you get inbound - outbound via email or right from the browser - desktop cleint.

thanks for the answer.
I have already the fax number in my pstn line. I have take the pstn line in asterisk via a digium card so i want to use this line (pstn) with the internal feature of asterisk. I not want to use a sip account from other provider.
You thin kit is difficult to use my pstn line for incoming faxs and receive this in my email?

I have not setup fax within Freepbx since the 2.2X days
It worked fine then 90% or better success rate using a good CLEAN PSTN line (no DSL line)

I did see something at about Fax is Back.
I think Ward has a script to install the needed files.

Bubba, it is still works about 90% of the time.