Incoming Fax Handling

I have an 8-channel Sangoma card properly configured and operational with a five-line hunt group from Verizon. I also have a dedicated fax line that is currently underused and has an existing unlimted long distance plan.

I would like to add the dedicated fax line as the 6th line to my Sangoma card and also use it as the primary outgoing line for long distance calls to save on tolls.

If a fax comes in, I want it go to my existing fax machine, but if a voice call comes in, I want it to go the PBX. I expect that about 99% of the incoming calls on this line will be faxes.

Is there a reliable way to get FreePBX to detect an incoming fax and pass it to my fax machine while passing voice calls to my main IVR?


On the extension settings, check the ‘Enabled’ button in the fax section.

Then, in the inbound route, set the ‘Detect Faxes’ to Yes, and set ‘Fax Recipient’ and set the extension.

After that, any fax calls to that inbound route will get sent to the fax recipient, others straight through to the ivr