Incoming DTMF not working with IVR and call centric

Has anyone had this problem… I have the dtmfmode set to auto and i have tried all option’s that i know of for that and this is the only error i get. [2012-10-21 08:36:17] WARNING[3696]: chan_sip.c:28645 reload_config: No valid transports available, falling back to ‘udp’.

Inbound DTMF on the ivr with other trunks appear to work… any thoughts?


Yes, I have noticed that too. I have directed my calls to a ring group to process calls, bypassing IVR until it is resolved.

Over the past week I have had to make codec changes to deal with the severe jitter problems, but the latest DNS changes suggested by Callcentric does appear to provide much less jitter issues.

After making that changes, I did note the IVR stopped reading tones from incoming calls. I have a ticket open to that effect, but no answer yet.