Incoming DAHDI to SIP No Ring for Caller

FreePBX Distro 6.12.65-15
FreePBX 12.0.1rc9
Asterisk 11.12.0

Provider telephone lines are coming into a Digium board. IVR answers, Customer dials extension, and then just hears dead air until the extension is picked up or sent to voice mail. Previously, a typical ringing sound would be heard. On internal extension to extension calls (SIP to SIP), ringing can be heard.

Does anyone have troubleshooting tips? Can I provide further information?

It has something to do with echo cancellation! Your card from Digium is original or clone?

Digium OEM, TDM800P, running MG2 echo cancellation on DAHDI 2.10.0.

I changed echo cancellation to OSLEC, and there was no change in behavior.

Disabling echo cancellation completely did not correct the issue.

Is this a DAHDI issue, or a FreePBX issue?

Can you provide a call trace.

Now running Asterisk 12.5.0

Dialed DID
DAHDI-1 Pickedup
Entered IVR
Dialed Extension 322
No Ringing Heard
Voicemail announcement answered

It looks like you may be running in to

Please get us a split tx/rx audio recording

Upload recordings to and paste links.


Listening to that your issue is not ringback. Your audio cut out during the message playback.

What is odd is this is the audio between Asterisk and DAHDI.

Are you using virtual machines?
What is the hardware platform?

The beginning announcement was started late because I was unsure of which DAHDI channel I would hit. I cut out my name and hungup before the entire voicemail announcement was complete. I don’t think there was any cut-out actually occuring.

This is a physical machine. Pentium 4, ~1.5Ghz with 3GB RAM. DAHDI_Test gives an average of 99.994146%

Here’s another sample, unedited.