Incoming CNAM sometimes has weird set of characters [V]

I have an issue that sometimes the CNAM has a preceding [V] before the number, with a space between the ] and the number. Example [V] 123456789 whereas the CNUM just has 123456789. This is causing issues in my external CRM software as the software just wants the number, not the [V] . Any ideas as to where I have something configured incorrectly? Also, its not on every number, but I would bet at least half of them.

This is coming from your provider as part of srir/shaken Some providers prepend [V] for verified. This means you can trust that caller id is not spoofed


Dude… Thank you so much. I have been hitting my head against this for weeks figuring I was an idiot and set something wrong! That pointed me right where I needed to go!

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