Incoming calls

hi everyone
i have been using freepbx for few months now and its great, i had incoming lines with didlogic working great for months and now after some updates on my freepbx i am no longer able to receive phone calls, i am using FreePBX 2.11 i re installed it few days ago thinking there was a bug but i am still experiencing the same problem just cant get the incoming line working
i taught it was my router but i dont think so since i am able to register same sip account from didlogic and receive calls on xlite,
i am able to register the same sip account in freepbx and it shows as registered but i can not receive calls

my trunk looks like this

*****:[email protected]/1NXXNXXXXXX

i have am inbound route with set destination being IVR

i do not see my incoming number in log files at all which is wierd and i get a busy signal on the other side

can someone give me some suggestions i have been trying to solve this since 3 days without success i also tried registering a skype connect account with incoming number and i am experiencing the same problem PLEASE someone shed some light to my issue i am desperate at this point

Maybe post a log of a call that failed?

i dont even see it in my logs this is the only trace of it
[2014-01-27 09:55:47] WARNING[24213] pbx.c: Context ‘from-trunk-sip-1**********’ tries to include nonexistent context ‘from-trunk-sip-1**********-custom’

dont know how or why but it works now