Incoming Calls

I have a B410p Isdn Card installed.
I am am able to make and receive calls to one extension
This is using one Basic rate line

Now If I install all 4 basic rate lines.

I have the following problem:
On my inbound I have _. (underscore .)

So my call comes in as "__FROM_DID=s

If I put the last 4 digits of my called number, I get a msg that the number does not exist.
With the _. the call routes to an extension

Now if I receive multiple calls it cannot route (DID routing)

I need to know is their a way I route to different extensions when specific numbers are called.

Cannot Do DID routing as the callerid is shown but the callled number is not present.

I need to know if my config is correct “context= from trunk” used all different ones got same problems

It should be context=from-pstn

I think from-trunk is also aliased. You can check with the command ‘dialplan show @from-trunk