Incoming Calls

Greetings all,
I am new to the forum and Asterisk and FreePBX. I’ll get to the point, I have the following:
PIAF Purple
4 Cisco IP Phones 7940 series SIP
Vitelity SIP service

I am stuck?
I have setup the trunk as per Vitelity and it registers ok.
I have setup the Outbound route and calling out works.
As for Incoming calls, I need help. I can only receive calls to one extension. If I set the Incoming Route to go to the Trunk, I get a busy signal. To receive calls I have to send them to a specific extension.
What am I doing wrong? If you can just point me in the right direction or at the right config file I would appreciate it.


Build a ringgroup with whoever wants to take the calls, make the inbound calls go there?
(What trunk do you send the incoming calls to?)

I will try the ringgroup. I only have one trunk, Vitelity.

That did the trick!
Appreciate the help, now I can finish this setup!


Sending your calls back to the same trunk will probably not work :slight_smile:

As I sometimes ask, have you RTFM yet ? . . .

I am going through the manual as we speak.


I guess in not so subtle ways we are trying to understand why you would have routed your inbound calls to a trunk?

Honestly that would have never gotten captured in the documentation per se.

The only reason it is an option is the ability to forward calls on to another PBX.

Helping us understand your logic/motivations will ultimately improve the documentation and response to forum questions.

Welcome to the forum…Scott