Incoming calls transfer out different trunk (Possible)

I was wondering if this is possible, I’ve been trying to search but haven’t found it (perhaps there is just a special term for it that I don’t know).

Anyways what I would like to know if it’s possible to setup the following scenario:
-Caller calls in from a specific number.
-Call is answered by the system
-Caller is then forwarded to a specific number on a different trunk
-Caller is given the option to enter a number for outgoing call on other trunk.

My setup is that I have a voip account in 2 different countries, and have freepbx setup to accept incoming and outgoing with both VOIP accounts. 1+xxx for america and 011+ for europe.

So when not at home, and would like to call the other country it would be good to call into the pbx from mobile (local call), and then have it transfer the call through the other countries voip trunk.

Ideal would be I restrict this service to only my mobile number, and i could call anything based on that trunk’s dialing rules, however if I can only call one specific number that would be ok too.

Any ideas how this could be setup or if anyone knows of any examples where this has been setup would be appreciated.

I realize an alternative would be to use data, and voip client on mobile, but in areas with bad data coverage this may not work.


There’s a lot of moving parts here, so don’t quote me. Something like this might work.

Start with a special inbound route with no DID and the caller ID that your provider sends. Set the CID priority route so that the inbound route always answers your phone.

Route this inbound route to DISA. This will give you (and you alone, assuming no one else has your Caller ID) access to dial out from your phone system. I’d add a PIN so that you don’t get a$$holes trying to steal your phone services.

Dial your PBX’s regular phone number (or buy one special for this project, not required) from your cell phone. If you set up a PIN, put in the PIN and you get a dial tone. Dial the number you want to call, and Bob’s your uncle.

Set up one trunk to always route International calls and the other to US calls.

Thanks for the response and setting me on the right path. My installation didn’t have the DISA app, so I added that in, created a DISA with a pin, then created a new inbound route specifying my cell as the CID, and entered the DISA as the destination. Applied settings and it worked!

Only thing was when I set the DID as well so it only monitors this for 1 DID as opposed to both it nothing happened. I’m thinking that the DID my carrier sends may not match what I entered (for example includes the 1 before the area code.) Off to troubleshoot that now :smile:


I was correct, I specified 1XXX-XXX-XXXX (no -'s) for the DID, and worked, asked for pin and the #, entered and immediately received a dialtone. Then I just dialed the number I wanted, and it followed the rules and connected me.

I’m really starting to like freepbx! :smile: