Incoming calls to a queue - Recordings not showing in UCP

In UCP I can not see the call recording for the incoming calls to a queue. I add the call history for each extension but can only see call recordings for outgoing calls.

If I temporarily change the incoming calls to hit a ring group instead I can then see the call recordings in UCP.

I know the incoming calls for the queue are recording because I can find them if I dig through the CDR reports.

Is this a known issue or a bug?

FreePBX modules are up to date and server is up to date with patches, etc.

Anyone else using queues and UCP for call recordings?

Because Asterisk is a B2B User Agent, this actually works exactly as I would expect it to:

  1. In a ring-group, an incoming call is bridged to a group of phones with individual “legs” from the phone server. When one of the bridged calls picks up, the rest of the calls in the group hang up. As such, the call is actually interacting with the phones.
  2. In a queue, the incoming call is bridged to the queue. The queue then calls the agent phones. When one of them answers, the incoming call is transferred to the phone that answered and that phone is now part of the conversation.

The difference between the two is when the answering extension gets bridged into the call. Ring-groups join the extensions to the call earlier and since there’s only one call file, the call file shows up in UCP for all of the phones in the ring-group.

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