Incoming Calls Sound Problem - SOLVED


When I recive a call sometimes i don’t listen anything and the guy who call me can’t listen me, when he do another call to me works, is like first call dont work but second works, any idea about why can be this happend? and a fix?

Any idea?

Search the forums for “one-way audio” and “RTP Times out”. I’m gonna guess your RTP is getting hosed up (maybe through a router setting).

Here’s what it sounds like is happening:

  • New call comes in.
  • Border router tries to set up the call.
  • RTP redirection is messed up (wrong RTP port range, etc.)
  • Your phone rings and you try to talk.
  • The server tells the router “Traffic is going”.
  • Port gets opened up.
  • Friend hangs up and calls back.
  • Open port hasn’t timed out yet, so the call makes it in.
  • Second call works.

Of course, there are dozens of other ways for RTP to fail. It could be as simple as the port forward from your border router to the server is the wrong range.

Hello, I fixed it installing the most recent version of FreePBX.

I had a old version of FreePBX i think was that the problem.

Thanks for ur help cynjut!