Incoming calls (SIP) (caller ID details) (RDNIS appears sometimes)

Hi SangomaOS Team:


Without asking for us to “send in call logs” …
Do you happen to have any tips for a situation where we have been seeing different lines for the incoming caller ID information.

Using: Yealink SIP-T46S (current firmware)

You know how CID (works) for incoming calls (Example)

Line 2: Caller’s CNAM (name)
Line 3: Caller’s Phone number (caller ID num)

The above is the normal incoming flow for caller ID.
Works like a charm, and has been in place for decades.

For some reason today, for no reason, and only on SOME incoming calls, we finally got to see another line in the incoming caller ID process (via incoming calls on a SIP circuit)

In addition to the (3) lines above, on some incoming calls (not all) we were getting a new 4th line

Line 4: Our phone number (the phone number the caller dialed to make our phones ring). We call this RDNIS.
This is an amazing feature, and some people really want this.

It stopped working on most all incoming calls, then today out of the blue, for some incoming calls, we could see the RDNIS number.

Why is this important?
Because for some people they really NEED to KNOW the phone number the calling-in party dialed: because there is more than one incoming call phone number, and each might need to have different answering processes when picking up the phone to say, “hello”.

No call logs to be provided.
Nothing has changed on the phone (Yealink).
Some calls show RDNIS and most do not.

I checked the call HISTORY of the Yealink SIP-T46S phone.

For the calls which did NOT have RDNIS, the call history details had (6) lines of details for each of the calls

For the call which did HAVE RDNIS, the phone’s call history had (7) lines of details for the call.
The 7th line was labelled: Relation: (showing our incoming number)

So, for some reason on one of the incoming call, a field for Yealink call history called: Relation was used, but not on the other calls.

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