Incoming calls ring, when it's picked up, there's static and dropped

I had my freepbx setup up and running perfectly, moved to a new location, plugged everything in, the first few calls worked perfectly, now they don’t.

When we try to make outgoing calls, there is a dial tone, we dial the number, then everything goes silent and the call never connects.

When we receive calls the phone rings, we pick it up and it makes a bit of static noise, then it goes silent. The person on the other just hears continuous ringing to no end.

Any ideas?

Sounds like you have some type of network problems. You say you moved to a new location, so I’d check all of the network stuff. You can run a simple ping test to see if there are any network issues:

From the linux command line type:

ping -s 65507 (IP ADDRESS OF PHONE)

That’s simply a ping with a packet size of 65507 bytes rather than the 64 bytes that is normally sent. A quick and dirty check of network performance.

You’re making one presumption that a lot of people make. Just because you here a dial tone, doesn’t mean everything is OK. The Dial Tone is generated in the phone, and not from the server. I’ve had phones that would deliver a dial tone even when not connected to the network.

It would also be helpful to know what versions of FreePBX and Asterisk you are using. Was this a distro install or build by hand? What type of voice trunks are you using?

Running FreePBX Distro 1.812.

Network configuration hasn’t changed. I can do all the internal calling I want with no problems. The problem arises when I receive or make calls externally.

I had an older Trixbox unit on my shelf and it was already configured to this network so I dropped it in and that was plug and play. Not sure what happened with the FreePBX system.

What are you using for connectivity to the outside world?


I have a TDM400, connected to POTS. No voip outbound trunks, no external extensions - it’s a pretty simple setup.

If you plug a phone directly into the POTS is it OK?

Yes, I have an older Trixbox with almost the exact same hardware configuration up and running right now. I just wanted my new box to get it running.