Incoming Calls/Ring Group + BLFs, also PC Based Popup App


When my phones ring, All the members of the incoming ring group configured on a phone (BLF) flash resulting in being unable to tell who is currently on a call. In order to know if I should answer the call I need to know if those who normally answer are busy.

  1. I would like to find a way to suppress the flashing BLF and to make it stay solidly on for extensions in use.

  2. I would also love a simple PC popup for ring group members which shows the CID and extension status of ring group extensions I belong to. It needs to be a stand alone window, not browser based. Browser base solutions are hard to keep open as the browser is often used for internet access and forever being closed.

Many solutions like Symphony are overkill as they, in my opinion, try to provide too many features. My wish list is the above, plus Outlook integration and Click to call (identical with Skypes version) in a trim little app.

Any suggestions? Thanks.