Incoming calls not ringing to Zulu softphone

We are currently using a different softphone and trying to switch to ZULU. Everything works with the other. We can call out, call all extensions directly from extension to extension, receive external calls directly to each extension, FMFM, and included in ring groups. We can transfer calls, hold, and park.
With ZULU, we call out and call extension to extension, but can’t receive incoming external calls. The CDR shows calls coming to the phone system but they don’t make it to the softphone. When I try to call in to a ZULU extension from an external phone I get a recording that “All circuits are busy now, please try your call again later” then it hangs up and I get a busy signal. I have invalid destination set to return the caller to the “open” IVR. If I call and add 90 before the extension as it shows in the CDR, it simply disconnects. I followed all Sangoma and FreePBX documentation I could find to set it up.

Current PBX Version:
Current System Version: 12.7.6-2002-2.sng
PBX Firmware: 712.7.6-2002-2.sng7
PBX Service Pack:
ZULU Client Version: 3.5.2+215

Provide a log to narrow things down.

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