Incoming calls hang up on answer, Can't place outbound

Asterisk: 13.11.2
OS: CentOS 6
Host: Google Cloud

Having an issue with calls,

When a call comes in the extension rings and then once answered immediately hangs up and when trying to place an outbound it wont go through.

I can see in the logs that it’s sending a “BYE” and I see a warning:

[2016-10-17 16:41:01] WARNING[7875][C-00000001] chan_sip.c: Insufficient information in SDP (c=)…

Confused as though might be an issue with trunk connection but the calls are coming in, here is the pastebin link for the asterisk log with SIP Debugging on:

what does your vi trunk look like?
since you have to use ip authentication with vi and it looks like you are behind a firewall, do you have all the ip’s whitelisted and forwarded to the pbx? what firewall are you using?

Well the outbound is now working and have audio both ways, thinking this may of been an issue on VI Side as I’m not receiving some of the same errors.

Now my problem boils down to the phone sending a “BYE” when I answer an incoming call. The second I hit answer I’m seeing a SIP “BYE” being sent and goes to voicemail.

Softphone is an Eyebeam 1.5, yes on the old side I know, have used these connecting to an Elastix 4 and Freepbx 12 server no issue. No change in networks, I’m connecting from the same IP as the others and hosted on the same Google Compute Engine.

The issue is now looking like AVPF,

When setting this to “Yes” for WebRTC, it seems that it is causing the calls to hangup on answer from both the WebRTC and Softphone clients. Disabled and calls starting working again.