Incoming calls fail after 300 seconds

Hello everybody,
I just upgraded FROM freepbx 2-210-62-5, ISDN and patton 45454, TO freepbx10-13-66, fiber/voip router.
I succeeded to configuring phones extensions with the new PJSIP protocol, also I succeeded to register freepbx onto the voip router (it behaves as an internal number), also trunk is online, so far so good.
I have two big problem:

  1. after exactly 300 seconds incoming calls do not work anymore with error : “Could not find matching INVITE transaction for CANCEL request”. The mobile phone from which I test the line, rings free, but no internal numbers rings (I set up a group into inbound routes).
  2. from internal phones I always can start a call to an external phone, but external phone can ear me, while internal phone cannot ear anything.

The strange is that when I start a call from internal and answer from external, the 300 seconds timeout is reset and from external I can call the internal phones again, but after 300 seconds (of inactivity?) the point 1 problem starts again.

I first suppose it to be a NAT problem but I tried every NAT tips and tricks with no success.

Can somebody hep me?
Thank you

Forgot to say that the also the trunk uses th PJSIP protocol, because the router/voip (that is a technicolor), only accept PJSIP devices.