Incoming calls don't always have the DID associated

I’ve noticed that my calls don’t always get routed to the extension. In troubleshooting, I looked through the CDR records and I’ve noticed that the calls that DO get through the DID number correctly listed and on ALL of the calls that do NOT get properly routed, the DID field is blank.

What would cause SOME calls to have nothing in the DID field?

Incoming calls always have the correct DID associated, if you have a catchall (No DID) route defined then the DID will reasonably be empty, just as you defined it.

If it’s a sip trunk you might be getting someone probing your system. If some of your trunks are analog, there would be no DID associated with them.

Thanks guys!

They’re both SIP trunks.

I had previously entered the info in the Trunks’ register line fields bassed on my provider’s direct instructions. I thought that line was used in registering (logging in) to my accounts with the provider. The info didn’t include “/DIDNumer”.

I added that per the info found at the following link and the problem seems to be solved.