Incoming calls does not display name

I have saved some phone numbers in the address book, why when I receive calls from the saved numbers do I not see the name on the phone?

Because you have done something wrong or the phone doesn’t support this. There is insufficient information to say much more. Please provide logs, as per:

so that we can work out what is losing the name, or at least what further information to request.

pardon my english, i use google transalator.

I have saved my number and name in the address book, if I call freepbx on the display of my fanvill x1s I only see my number, how can I see the name saved in the freepbx address book?

I use the same phone with 3cx and see the name saved in the adress book

I tried superfecta Debug/Test Run Scheme (Asterisk Phonebook) and if I put my number it finds the associated contact.

admin->callerid lookup sources->add-> source type “internal”

inbound routes–> other–>cid lookup source

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