Incoming calls, Delay when answering

Hello everyone.

Having some issues with Freepbx/Trixbox.

The issue occurs when an incoming calls is received and then placed on hold. Once the call is picked up, there is a 2-4 second delay where the caller cannot hear us, however; we can hear them. This occurs only on incoming calls. I have tried creating an inbound route directly to an extension, ivr, ringgroup, etc. all with similar results. I then created a dialplan in the extensions_custom.conf file in order to manually control the call and dial an extension manually (very simply dialplan for testing) and it works perfect! It may be an issue with the dialparty.agi script. I’m just guessing as I do not know how exactly freepbx handles it’s calls. Any suggestions? (I have another server with the same issue.)


Anyone? :slight_smile:

What did you do in the dialplan to overcome this problem? Thanks,