Incoming Calls cannot hear me

Hey guys,

I am having a weird issue where when someone calls me I can hear them but they cannot hear me. If i call them audio is fine both ways.

the really weird thing is I had everything working in a demo/test setup and the only things that changed were the WAN and LAN IP’s of the server, everything else is the same. I have the builtin firewall disabled and I have the appropriate Firewall rules for SIP and RTP traffic in my Barracuda NG Firewall…

Ive tried searching on the forums but it appears most of the issues i see is the opposite of what i am experiencing.

There is a misconfiguration somewhere in Settings, Asterisk SIP Settings.

Im not seeing it, External address detects correctly,
local networks is correct,
I have RTP Port ranges 8000-20000 (this matches firewall rule)
everything else is default. I am using ChanSIP

NAT: Yes (ive cycled through all these and no difference)
IP Configuration : Static IP
Override Extern IP : has the same IP as what was detected which is correct
everything else is default

just weird to me that its only on incoming calls. as well as like i said this was fully functional at my Shop and when i put it onsite all that changed were IP’s, all our network equipment/rules for FW are the same (with changes to IP’s of course)

I feel like maybe something is hung up from when i had it at my shop.
any suggestions?

I am going back on site to troubleshoot some more.

The router at the second site might be to blame, do you have SIP ALG disabled?

Sip ALG is not enabled. the routers are same manufacturer the model is different as they are a larger site but run the same OS/FW

we have VoIP working on other systems on site, they have a cloud solution for their staff phones, and a grandstream pbx for their tenant phones. I am trying to replace the grandstream in the equation as i think freePBX will be a better fit but the other systems have been up and running for years now no issue

Just a little update
I remade the firewall rules (initially i copy pasted the rules from my local Barracuda to the External, and just made the IP changes on them,so i deleted and manually made) i also restarted the Firewall OS.

on top of that i also ran some updates on the pbx

It appears that after this i was able to hear audio so not 100% sure what fixed it but its working. though it appears DTMF is not working now when it was yesterday but i will battle that issue now.