Incoming calls cannot get to extensions

Hello, first time poster here so please excuse the newbie-ness.

I just started at a new company, inherited:
PBX in a Flash version 1.2.9 running Asterisk 1.4

–incoming calls get to my IVR, from all of my trunks
–from IVR they can dial an extension
–once they select any extension (I tried them all) the call terminates/hangs up.

Looking at logfiles, I see the following (dialing my own extension, 503):
[2015-06-26 12:43:31] DEBUG[14712]: app_macro.c:337 _macro_exec: Executed application: Set
– Executing [[email protected]:22] Goto(“SIP/WJS43FjF63-54003200”, “503|1”) in new stack
– Goto (sub-record-check,503,1)
[2015-06-26 12:43:31] DEBUG[14712]: app_macro.c:337 _macro_exec: Executed application: Goto
[2015-06-26 12:43:31] WARNING[14712]: pbx.c:2483 __ast_pbx_run: Channel ‘SIP/WJS43FjF63-54003200’ sent into invalid extension ‘503’ in context ‘sub-record-check’, but no invalid handler

Complete log of the above call here:
Not sure if this is actually the culprit (my Asterisk knowledge is limited, freepbx even less), but sub-record-check is here:

Again, newbie here so please excuse if I’ve left anything obvious out. I have also noticed that extension-to-extension produces the exact same result (sent into invalid extension, sub-record-check, etc).
Afraid I just don’t know enough to see where the problem lies.
Please let me know if there is any other helpful info I can provide.