Incoming calls aren't handled/accepted

I got my Trixbox server setup and working great with a TDM400 (with 1 FXS module) handling my 1 analog test phone, 2 SIP / softphones, and my WildCard X100P handling the PSTN line from my telephone company. Currently I can make calls out just fine and it works great.

However last night I decided to run tests by setting up my incoming call routes and my Digital receptionist. I had a friend call, but when they called the first time, they heard it ring but never got the custom announcement which the Digital Receptionist plays to the caller. The second and third call went immediately to the voicemail I have with my Telephone Company and the call wasn’t handled by my PBX.

So I went back into my Inbound Routes area and I have a route setup titled “Any DID / Any CID”. The DID, CID, ZAP channel, Fax handling, privacy manager, options, and CID lookup are all set to the default/blank. I did however set the destination to be Time Conditions: InOffice.

Then in the Time Conditions module, it’s setup to play the correct IVR/Digital Receptionist based around the business hours. So all of that is setup correctly, but I don’t know why the PBX isn’t processing the call and why my telephone company voice mail was answering. That voice mail shouldn’t even be picking up unless this local line is busy.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

P.S. One thing that I noticed is weird is that the reports section DID pickup my friend calling and log it with the following details:

  1.  2006-11-12 02:44:00  	Zap/1-1...  	 	 	recording-3  	ANSWERED  	00:00
  2.  2006-11-12 02:43:44 	Zap/1-1... 			recording-3 	ANSWERED 	00:00
  3.  2006-11-12 02:43:35 	Zap/1-1... 	719yyyxxxx 	"UNAVAILABLE" <719yyyxxxx> 	recording-3 	ANSWERED 	00:00

I wanted to add a followup which I discovered with more testing. In the Inbound Routes area, if I select Destination : Core : <101> the call actually rings through to my SIP phone great.

However when I change that Destination to Destination : Time Conditions : InOffice, then the caller hears my telephone company voice mail. In fact it doesn’t even show their name/number in the call logs at that point.