Incoming callers who refuse to stay on hold

I am having a problem with a client that gets multiple incoming calls to schedule appointments. What is happening way to often is that if an incoming caller gets put on hold, hits a call queue or get a VM, they simply hang up and immediately redial. One guy did this 14 times this morning causing the phone to ring repeatedly (call queue). The repeated calls are a serious distraction for staff as they try and handle whatever is currently in front of them.

I have tried various strategies with call queues, announcements, etc but nothing is really solving the problem. I am wondering if anyone has any strategies to handle this sort of problem?

Ideally I would love to grab repeat callers and simply funnel them straight to voicemail. Alternatively, it would be nice if the office phone did not physically ring (only a visual cue) if someone was already using the phone to help another customer. At least then they wouldn’t have the distraction of a ringing phone

You would need a bit of custom code to track repeated callers no matter what solution you want.

I would recommend some custom dial plan to that send the call to an announcement that informs the caller that they have called repeated and all calls will now go to voicemail.

Unfortunately, you can’t fix intentional hostility.

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