Incoming caller ID

hello people,
I have an Elastix 1.3-2 version and FreePBX and when i recieve a call from outside ( inbound call ) the caller ID appeared as unknown although i have a caller ID service from my Telco , i dont know where the exact problem is? please help solve this issue,I have a deadline and evrythingmust be fixed in 2 days, help as fast as you can and i will be so thnakfull

more details are required…

What type of trunk are you using? who is the provider, etc… Also keep in mind jsut because you paid for caller ID service does not mean that EVERY call coming in will have that info, some don’t.

How CID is provided via a POTS line (and it’s country/telco dependent) is not the same as over a T1/E1/PRI and not the same as via a SIP provider.

the problem was solved the issue was the line i was using,
but now am trying to configure the ISDN to make more than outbound route works with more than caller ID i have 30 DID from my telco and their is no problem to enable them but i want these DID to work on the outbound so the employees can call with their own DID on the outbound ,is this possible if yes how its done ??