Incoming caller id will show the server's ip address but when answer just static and dial tone

Hello I have set up a phone system with freepbx in a small office the freepbx server has a 4 port analog phone card that four phone lines plug into from pots phone lines provided by Spectrum.when an incoming phone call comes in it is sent to a ring group if no one answers then it goes to an ivr where they can choose which extension they want to talk to.
This system has worked great for almost two years. Today sometimes it will get incoming calls that show the sever’s ip address as the caller id and when you answer you hear static and a dial tone. Most of the time the calls come in they work great maybe a little static. However when you call the other three lines they work great. I have restarted phones the server hubs switches and unplugged and re-plugged in the spectrum lines. I think there is something going on with that one phone line that is coming from the pots provider (Spectrum) it has been a very rainy day here. As a work around I have all incoming calls going to the IVR first this seems to work ok no calls with ip address as caller id. The client would prefer the incoming calls to ring somewhere first to so the caller would be greeted by a person first but when it is set that way you get the crazy calls with the servers ip address as the caller id any suggestion to this problem would be most thankful.

Calls from analog ports will never have an IP address associated, so likely normal noise on udp/5060 check that guest and anonymous SIP calls are rejected.

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