Incoming caller id changes after answer using CID Superfecta


The system runs FreePBX Firmware: 6.12.65-28, installed from the distro, and the modules are up to date.

All of our company provided cell phones has the same caller ID.

The Asterisk phone book contains all of the sell phones with the correct name.

With CID Superfecta off the incoming PRI shows the caller id that all of the phones as the trunk provides.

With CID Superfecta on and the only choice being the Asterisk phone book, the caller is sometimes the trunk caller ID, sometimes will flash the Asterisk phone book then change to the trunk caller ID, other times it will show the Asterisk Phone-book caller ID until the call is answered then revert to the PRI caller ID.

I have tried with and without the trunk provided caller ID in the list or not, and i had the trunk provided caller ID after the Asterisk Phone book. with the Superfecta Processor setting to single.

Is the normal or do i have this a configuration error?

Any Help greatly appreciated.