Incoming call

Hi guys,

I have been searching all over , and hoping you guys could point me in the right direction. I am running FreePBX and I’m a little bit of a noob when I comes to Asterisk so I use the gui mostly. The question I have is , When I receive an incoming call it shows as 2721XXXXXXX , (country code,area code,XXXXXX) but when I try and call the number back on the phone , the call fails. From my understanding is that the redial of incoming number fails cause it doesn’t have a + in front of it. Is there a way to fix that in the gui , where it adds the + or the incoming call comes in without the country code and area code ?

Hope I made sense , and that you can help ?

how are you doing the redial? what does the outbound route look like?

Haha - sorry about that.

So when the call comes in on a Snom320 phone , we simply just scroll up to the number that came in and push the dial button. When I do that the call fails. When the call comes in , it looks like this 2721XXXXXXX. But if i dial the number it would be like this 021XXXXXXX and it goes through.