Incoming call with distinctive rings

I have the FreePBX distro working fine.

I have the “distinctive ring” feature provided by the telephone company and need someone to show me how to set up Freepbx so that the unique distinctive rings I have are sent to 2 different extensions or group.

if it can not be done with Freepbx GUI then I could do it in Asterisk BUT would need help to go through the steps.

Thanks for your patience and help.

The distinctive ring facility within FreePBX is not really directly connected to the distinctive ring facility provided by the telephone company. It also depends on the handsets used. Which handsets do you have? To get distinctive rings working on a ring group or similar you need to set the SIP Alert Info field correctly for your handsets. For example on Grandstream handsets this works to change to a different ring tone “Alert Info: ;info=ring1”

Also if you are using an internal card DAHDI supports distinctive ring recognition.

from the DAHDI documentation:

Does anyone even look at the documentation before asking questions? Frankly I just don’t understand how a few of the guys in here are so patient with these questions. I am not talking about folks that just don’t “get it” and need a reboot, I am talking about tech guys that instead of putting in a search term and reading they ask in the forum. I didn’t know the answer to this quiestion, I simply remembered, because I read the documentation, that the facility existed. I went to the Asterisk documentation site and put in the search term. I read the options, made sure it was appropriate and then posted. I did not know the answer either!